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About us


Dr. Tal's Clinic is made up of a team of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, each with their own field of expertise. Each therapist is under the auspices of Dr. Ilan Tal, a leading Israeli psychiatrist, to provide each and every one of our clients the best suited model of therapy for him or her. Our staff provides the highest level of service while maintaining a warm and professional atmosphere.
The clinic's staff members work together, in a cooperative and holistic approach, guided by the understanding that individual people need therapists and models of therapy to match their individual needs. Good patient- therapist compatibility leads to achieving effectiveness and improving clients' wellbeing. 
Our team has a range of therapists who specialize in: anxiety among adults and children, difficulties regarding self- esteem, working towards self- fulfillment, improving familial relationships, couples therapy and counseling, various inter-personal difficulties, eating and weight issues, addiction therapy, parental guidance, depression and other mood problems, enhancing self- control, relaxation techniques, understanding and expressing emotions, attention and concentration deficits, psycho- geriatric issues, developmental issues, and many more.
Dr. Tal's Clinic has two locations in Tel Aviv, and a satellite clinic in Haifa. Each clinic is designed to make the patient comfortable and relaxed, all while making sure maximum privacy is afforded to him or her.
We believe that the high quality of the services we offer makes it easier to achieve our mutual goal – helping you feel better.

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