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CBT for anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT, is a recommended treatment for specific and goal oriented problems, such as that of anxiety.

CBT focuses on the cognitive aspects of the problem, which is identifying thought errors and helping to correct them, as well as treating the non - adaptive behaviors that result from the problem, such as avoidance, rituals, procrastination, and more.

However, this treatment hardly deals with the emotional origin of the problem or with the question of why this problem emerged in the first place.

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For example, a person who is troubled by catastrophic thoughts about an imminent disaster will learn through CBT how to neutralize these thoughts and not allow them to interfere with his life.

But, why does such a person have catastrophic thoughts in the first place? What is there, in the way he experiences life, that makes him feel that the world is not a safe place? That danger lurks in every corner? What events in his past have shaped such a worldview and basic experience?

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Dynamic therapy is an emotional treatment that deals with these questions. It not only teaches the patient how to live efficiently or to understand that he has no reason to be anxious, but strives to impart to the person a deep experience of security in the world.

In addition, the emotional basis of similar disturbances can be very different. For example, social anxiety can result from perfectionist tendencies, the fear of making mistakes or putting oneself to shame in society.

it can also result from the fear of being offended by others, such as the fear of  experiencing rejection; it can result from the fear of conflicts and the desire to avoid conflicts or from the fear of intimacy, and so on.

CBT is designed to treat social aversion while also considering the emotional content that gives rise to anxiety.

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Dynamic treatment is based on the belief that this emotional content is important and that it should be treated as well, in order to reach complete wellbeing.

Dynamic treatment

it espouses the belief that symptoms are the way in which our psyche communicates with us, bringing to our attention that all is not well, that we do not trust ourselves, that we experience dissatisfaction with life or feel unfulfilled.

Therefore, it is important not only to treat the symptoms, but to listen to our psyche, to the concealed message it is trying to convey through the anxiety or depression that all of the sudden befell us.

Our clinical experience in Dr. Tal's center as a multi-disciplinary center suggests that people who have completed cognitive behavioral treatment and feel relieved of the symptoms of anxiety or depression are still interested in understanding why it happened to them.

they are still interested in uprooting the problem and dealing with its essence. Therefore, many continue following successful CBT with dynamic treatment, which is a more in-depth and emotional treatment. 

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