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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT has attracted considerable attention in recent years, mainly due to its reputation as a short term treatment. This article will shade some light to help understand its meaning.

CBT is based on two main concepts: cognition and behavior.

Actually, all the events occurring around us, big or small, generate thoughts, including emotions, and Responses. Thus, even if we do not actually recognize the response, it is still a process that takes place.

For instance, being offended by a friend's joke at our expense is a kind of a response.

The difficulty inherent in coping with the tremendous amount of daily events requires all of us to develop patterns of cognition and behaviors, which will be activated when a certain event occurs.

In professional terms, these patterns are called "schemes". These patterns are influenced by personal emotions and factors, and were established relatively early in our past.

It is important to remember that these patterns are not objective. It is common that people who suffer anxiety tend to interpret (the cognition part) various physical  symptoms as being more severe than they actually are.
In the same manner, they react (behavior) to those symptoms with extreme fear and tension, even if not overtly, which raises the anxiety level even more.

Avoidance behaviors are also explained by the cognitive behavioral approach. A person who suffers from shyness or social anxiety and is around other people interprets every reaction of these people as offensive, "he probably said it because he thinks I'm stupid", "she is so condescending".

This line of thoughts necessarily creates a pattern of avoidance, so that this person will avoid similar places or events in the future.

The goal of CBT is to help adopt new patterns of thought.

to replace the existing ones, and to think of new ways to interpret the situation, instead of thinking: "I have pain in my side, I'm probably having a heart attack" think instead "I probably was walking too fast, I should slow down and then I'll feel better"

In the same way, CBT is also effective with changing behavior patterns.

Who could benefit from this treatment?

CBT is the recommended treatment mainly but not only in cases of anxiety and various phobias.

The following are situations that can be treated and relieved with CBT:

Depression, Insecurity, Shyness, PTSD, Improvement of social skills, communication difficulties, Anger  management Behavior disorders

In principle, anybody can benefit from CBT. In the case of children, the treatment is sometimes combined with guiding the parents, or is even applied by instructing the parents about the treatment principles.

Sometimes, it is performed only with the child, similar to the treatment of adults. The suitability of this treatment does not depend only on age, or the problem for which one seeks treatment, but also on the patient's personality.

This treatment fits people with strong and stable personality, and is less suitable for dependent people or people with personality disorders, because CBT is a very demanding treatment

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It requires the patient to be active during the process, even more than the therapist. Most of the work is done at home, in applying new thinking and behavior patterns, in daily life situations, while the sessions are intended to improve behaviors, examining the application and suggestions for improvement.

In addition, CBT therapy is designed to deal with specific and well defined issues, such as a specific phobia or anxiety.

When the difficulty is vague or non-specific, preparation work is required, during which the problem is defined and specified, before the problem can be treated with CBT.

 For this reason, people who are able to define their difficulties to themselves and to others, and who are capable of hard work, can achieve a significant change within a short time through CBT.

In Dr. Tal's center for mental and emotional therapy, we offer you CBT therapy with the clinic's professional and reliable therapists.

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If you are interested in finding out whether CBT therapy could be of help, you are invited to set up a consultation session, and we will be happy to assist.

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