Dr. Tal Center for Psychiatry and Mental Health Services in Israel
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Forensic Psychiatry and Mental Health Services

Welcome to the Dr. Tal Center for Forensic Psychiatry and Mental Health Services.

Dr. Tal Center is one of the leading private mental health centers in Israel. Situated in the Ramat-Aviv neighborhood of the city of Tel Aviv, the center provides psychiatric, psychological, and rehabilitation services in a calm and positive atmosphere. Dr. Ilan Tal (M.D, M.H.A), the medical director of the center, is a senior psychiatrist in the largest HMO in Israel.

The Center's staff includes Adult as well as child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. We provide an extensive array of services in Hebrew and in English, including dynamic psychotherapy, CBT, marriage counseling and mental rehabilitation.

The Center also provides services related to forensic psychiatry issues, including expert opinions. The senior staff members serve as expert witnesses in the Israeli court of law.
    Please feel free to contact us at mail@drtal.co.il, or call us at: +972-50-4239446

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